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Annual Leadership Conference 2023

The FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is the preventive arm of The Second Chance Care Foundation – It is an annual gathering of young professionals drawn from various walks of life. It is strategically conceptualized to promote the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurial consciousness amongst young Nigerian.

It also provides supports to individual initiatives as well as empowering those who are committed to personal transformation for the purpose of facilitating societal transformation at all levels of our society. It is a fact that Leadership has been our collective albatross as a nation and it will not be out of place to prepare our youths for the future challenges of Leadership in Nigeria.

This year’s Future Leadership Conference 8.0 in strategic partnership with CISML (Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders) seeks to explore the dichotomy between leadership and patriotism, address the pertinent solutions to our great nation’s leadership, economy and social challenges. The spate of kidnappings all over the country, and the glaring vicious despondency of the Nigeria youth steaming from hopelessness have increased the crime rates in the country as a whole. This security threats come amidst rising poverty levels that force many unemployed youths into crimes such as armed robbery. As a result of the growing levels of insecurity in the country, calls for a national conference to debate the future of Nigeria have been renewed in the recent months hence our choice of the theme; Transformational leadership

FLC’s objectives are very simple but potent. We seek to instill in every participant the hunger to be more and to live a life that inspires others to be more. Ours is not just a gathering but a mind’s hub. We are even more motivated to do this because of the splendid testimonials that continue to pour in unsolicited from past attendees of the conference.

FLC seeks to raise ethical leaders and business professionals; giving life to entrepreneurial dreams by creating business incubating platforms for fast rising entrepreneurs and those gathering their sticks to launch out.

Why Attend Future Leadership and Award Conference 2023

Join us at the Future Leadership Conference 2023 as we strive to create a brighter future through the empowerment of young leaders. Register now and be part of this inspiring journey!”

Who Should Attend?

Young Professionals: This conference is designed for ambitious and driven young professionals from various industries who aspire to excel in their careers and make a positive impact in society.
Entrepreneurs: If you are an aspiring or established entrepreneur, the Future Leadership Conference provides a platform to gain insights, network with industry experts, and discover strategies to drive innovation and business growth.
Change-makers: Individuals passionate about creating positive change and making a difference in their communities will find inspiration, guidance, and resources to amplify their impact at the conference.
Students and Graduates: Whether you are a student or recent graduate, attending the conference will equip you with valuable skills, knowledge, and connections to kickstart your career and become a future leader in your field.
Nonprofit Organizations: Representatives from nonprofit organizations dedicated to social causes can benefit from the conference by gaining fresh perspectives, accessing resources, and building collaborations for greater societal impact.
Leadership Development Enthusiasts: If you are enthusiastic about personal and professional growth, leadership development, and honing your skills as an effective leader, this conference offers a wealth of opportunities to learn and expand your horizons.

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