Abbaly, Johnson is the Chief Executive of LightField House International . a talent profiling organization. He is the founder of the Agenda2040 Movement in Nigeria. The movement seeks to raise a million smart young people and inject them into 15 critical sectors of the economy with the goal of helping to position the Nigerian economy as top 10 economy in the world by 2040 He is the convener of the House of Daniel ministry. An outreach committed to raising extraordinary godly young people and professionals to live their true potential as sons of God. He is the Host of SITUATION ROOM AFRICA. SituationRoom Africa holds the industry policy forum that would attracts stake holders including; funds, investors, young industry professionals, entrepreneurs, academia, policy and knowledge experts under one purpose to Fast-track Innovation Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development in Africa. SRA seeks to sustain an ecosystem by galvanizing Talent, Network, Knowledge and access to Capital to address Africa’s most critical challenges through a market based collaborative approach among players The medium term vision is to build the SituationRoom Africa Platform as the most important forum in Sub Sahara Africa driven by Young African Leaders in different sectors committed to a prosperous and more inclusive Africa. Johnson Abbaly is a fellow of the prestigious Mount Pelerin Society established since 1947 in Switzerland.. He is the author of Unleashed, an extraordinary book that focuses on unlocking the next generation. He also co-authored a book with Professor Akinsola Olowu for the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University titled “MENTORING: A KEY ISSUE IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, which is published by the Ife Centre for Psychological Studies/Services. He is an inspirational speaker, strategist, conceptual theorist, and convener of the House of Daniel. He has represented in events in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a fellow of African Institute of Entrepreneurs. He is a member of the Human Capital Policy Commission of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group that covers the Health, Education and Youth Development sectors. He is the chairperson of the Youth Development Sub-Committee of the Policy Commission. Abbaly is a core skills facilitator with British Council Nigeria for Connecting Classroom Programme. He is a facilitator for Fate Foundation and has managed several events including Business on Radio, Samsung Real Dream Programme and the Aspiring Entrepreneur Programme. He serves on the board of the Education Burden Bearers Group, an arm of the Apostles in the Market Place. He is the deputy chairman board of Governors Inspiration Schools in Ogun State and he is also the chairman of Imagin Media Communications, publishers of Home and Office magazine.. Abbaly has been severally recognized for his contribution to human capital development. Some of his awards include FutureAwards 2006, Pronaija Awards from University of Port Harcourt, Two time Alumni Awards recipient from University of Benin, Business Management Conference Awards 2012, Award of Excellence from Faculty of Medicine, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife among others. Johnson Abbaly is an alumnus of the United States Government prestigious annual International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) in Washington DC. Abbaly is an author and continues to be a much sought-after speaker in both corporate events and youth conferences locally and internationally. Some of his prominent speaking engagements include; i. Facilitated a 4 Day Leadership training for First Bank Corporate Transformation Department retreat , Benin Republic ii. Facilitated Oando Treasury Department Retreat, Lagos iii. Facilitated the Education Syndicate Session of the DayStar Excellence in Leadership Conference 2011 iv. Facilitated MTN Graduate Training workshops in Abuja, Owerri and Lagos 2014 v. Milwaukee School of Languages, Wisconsin, USA vi. World Learning, Small Business Administration, Washington DC vii. National Federation of Independent Business, Washington DC viii. Wisconsin Manufacture and Commerce, Madison Wisconsin, USA ix. Ideas Village, New Orleans, USA x. Micro-enterprise Development, USAID, Washington DC xi. Mont Pelerin Regional Conference, Nairobi Kenya xii. Trains MTN scholars annually