From Lagos, Nigeria

Ofure Ibhakhomu

Ofure Ibhakhomu, is an Alumnus of Lagos Business School having attended the Owner Manager’s Program (OMP 24). She graduated from the department of Business Management of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Nigeria. She is a Certified Joint Venture Broker, who has successfully closed an impressive number of joint venture deals. Co-founder of Pacstrides Int. Limited, and founder of Lifecard International Investment Limited, a fast expanding real estate company with strategic and innovative business model.

Currently, she manages a pool of investors, from around the globe, in the Real Estate Industry; from land owners to buyers, to investors, to multinational organizations. She initiates partnerships to develop mega multi family unit apartments for young millennial who seek affordable lodging, to help solve housing issue in Lagos, while yielding steady and massive cash flows for investors.

A Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, ‘Bricks and Mortar’, Initiator of the ‘Kids Investors Network’, an astute Real Estate Developer. Her consulting work with individual investors, small and large corporate organizations like Chevron corporative, Mobil Corporative, and the Lagos State Development/Property Corporation over the years has consistently yielded huge profit to both investors and partners.

Ofure is a sales expert, she has successfully aided small and large companies to increase sales through her unique and customized approaches and training processes that are implemented in close collaboration with their sales departments.