Future Leadership Conference 2018 - Transitional Leadership and Patriotism

This year’s edition is the 5th in the series and it’s very important to us for many reasons. More so, because it’s the edition close to our election year as a country. The place of young people in shaping the narratives of their country cannot be overemphasized.

FLC’s objectives are very simple but potent. We seek to instill in every participant the hunger to be more and to live a life that inspires others to be more. Ours is not just a gathering but a mind’s hub. We are even more motivated to do this because of the splendid testimonials that continue to pour in unsolicited from past attendees of the conference. FLC seeks to raise ethical leaders and business professionals; giving life to entrepreneurial dreams by creating business incubating platforms for fast rising entrepreneurs and those gathering their sticks to launch out. The discourse at this year’s conference will centre around proper leadership transition and patriotism.

There is no gain saying that most young people have lost faith both in the leadership of the country and the country itself. As we approach the polls, let’s narrow in on the political narratives of our country. Where did we get it wrong? How can we salvage our country from the debris of collapse?

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