Leadership and strategy have always been an inevitable part of society’s evolution. While opportunities and changes are unevenly distributed through time, they are often the drivers of incremental innovations. As strategy stimulates the development of new product-market opportunities, they also require new strategies and capabilities. This raises questions about the nature of such strategies and leadership.

With the grand success of our 1st three editions of Future Leadership Conference, this year’s Future Leadership Conference with the theme’ STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP: THE RISE OF A NEW CLASS is a dedicated effort to create a premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results. The core focus of this conference is to provide a suitable and conducive platform to discuss, debate and present contemporary research in the area of economics, commerce, functional areas of management, novel business approaches and areas of inclusive and sustainable growth.

This year’s Future Leadership Conference 4.0 in strategic partnership with CISML (CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF STRATEGIC MANAGERS AND LEADERS) seeks to explore the dichotomy between leadership and strategy, address the pertinent solutions to our great nation’s economic, political and social challenges. In the wake of the global increase and frequent fluctuation in the oil value, our dear nation which stands among the major exporters of oil have had its economy boost and boom times, and some of its economic activities revolves around it to the extent that every sectors of the nation’s economy had hitherto been badly affected by the drop in price. With this new development and the benefit of hind sight it is only commonsense that we reposition our economy and focus on strategies aimed at diversifying the economy, to reduce our over dependency on crude oil with the discoveries of several alternatives to it, the future only seems bright if we harness the enormous resources. In reality there is no one solution to our nation’s challenges, but a diversity of options. We need to look beyond oil and seek out the various options available for a nation blessed with various human and natural resources with diversity of rich cultures and heritage upon which our dear nation can thrive globally. Then the issue of leadership, at this conference we shall x-ray the many factors that militate against effective and efficient leadership.

Our Conference Speakers


An important and integral part of the proposed conference is THE GOOD MORNING CEOs SESSION:
An interactive networking round table meeting with the Nigeria under 40 CEOs for the exchange of ideas. Seasoned CEOs shall guide participants through an exploration of fundamental personal and institutional values and their contemporary organizational applications.
The session will be highly interactive and deriving the maximum from participant’s willingness to be mentored as well as actively participate in the discussion. Each participant comes to the seminar as a potential leader, one who has much to learn and much to discover from others with the help of the great minds from the ages. Participants actually own the seminar: the value stems from their interpretations of the reading materials, stirred and illuminated by the energetic dialogue and debates that subsequently ensues. Offering an open forum for new start up CEOs and Business owners to discuss issues facing it. Participants will learn how to implement best practice for effective entrepreneurship success, inspire with the stories of the facilitators to build a bully brand to reckon with in the world, financial market participants will hear about risk/cost reduction and efficiency gains. Business Leaders will find out about the benefits of new, rigorous approaches to transparency and open data. Technologists will get hands‐on training for practical tools they can put to work immediately.
The goal of the Good morning CEO at this year’s edition of Future Leadership Conference is to inform, support and inspire college/Undergraduate students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. With a diverse entrepreneurial community and global network, CEOs shall provide student entrepreneurs with opportunities, events, internship and drive to help start
new businesses.

Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders, U.S.A, is a global certification and membership professional body, distinctively focused on strategic management and leadership.

It is engaged in mobilizing, building, supporting aspiring and practicing managers and leaders at all levels to become professional members of CISML and inspire them to acquire the Chartered Strategic Management Practitioners Licenses.

In pursuance of its mission of implanting and driving excellence in professional strategic management and leadership globally, CISML collaborates with institutions, business schools and organizations all over the world, for the development, planning and execution of any or all of its present and future activities and services.

This CISML participant certificate will ease you to become

  • Professionally qualified strategic Managers and Leaders
  • Professional Members of CISML
  • Licensed Chartered Strategic Management Practitioner

into the different membership and Chartered grades of the institute when you decide to become a full member CISML.

Why you should not miss this opportunity?

  • Opportunities for global networking, career progression and future readiness
  • Opportunities to keep abreast of global best practices and innovations
  • Global Recognition, Acceptance and Respect
  • Marketability and Employability
  • Professional Prestige and highest earning
  • Employers respect and trust in your performance capabilities.
  • A voice that is heard and supported where it matters

(Promoting Novelty)
As part of efforts to imbibe innovative thinking and idea conceptualization/incubation among participants
FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE introduces best innovative idea contest as an integral part of this Year’s edition of future leadership conference.
Designed to encourage idea conceptualization/incubation, to encourage students, graduates, the unemployed and the employed to develop Innovative ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s global economy, these ideas must be a globally scalable innovation with appropriate product/service market fit. Based on the concept of open innovation,
We believe that everyone has the potential to change the way we live our lives for the better that’s why we are calling on individuals with innovative ideas to submit the next big idea in our bid to address the economic situation globally.
All ideas submitted would stand the chance to be perused and considered by the innovation incubator panel.
The winners among other benefits will enjoy the following;
1. Two months internship with our partnering companies for hands on experience which would be a great boost for their résumé/CV
2. Increases Networking opportunities.
3. Business Grant


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